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Window Opener Bulletin

The info below in this bulletin is still valid, but you may want to take a look at our sister company, with the newer version of the BroadLink hub that we are currently shipping:

NodeSwitch Controls

BroadLink® Automation Hub: Need an easy phone app system for opening windows? Take a look at our affordable home automation hub, operated by Android and IOS apps. This RF-IR blaster hub can learn RF radio signals for our blind motors and skylight/window openers! It is also has IFTTT event triggering (if-this-then-that) and IR learning; see how we use this for temperature sensing to open windows and skylights (we also have interfacing for Z-Wave and other home automation systems).

Please Note: If you prefer to use a Z-Wave system, we also have a Z-Wave group controller that can be used to operate our window opener motors (and window blind motors).

If you are interested in voice control systems, such as Alexa and Google Home or Google Assistant, Zwave is one of the easiest ways to do this. Almost all Zwave hubs support voice control these days.

remote control 12v window opener motors Our RollerTrol™ roller shade systems are very popular, and now you can use the same safe, low voltage 12v technology and our multi-channel wall and hand held wireless remotesto open and close your windows by remote control.

For skylights, we also have regular units with rain sensors, and for really heavy skylights we have dual-chain heavy duty actuators that can lift 60 lbs (with automatic rain sensor).

It is simple to adapt these units to most types of windows because it does not need to rotate like hinged units do. These unobtrusive 12 volt electric window openers can also be used for controlling vents, skylights, drawers, cabinet doors and any other item you would like to move with a motorized actuator.

motorized window openerThe stroke of our standard 20 lb. actuator is also adjustable: 4" (100mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm), and the aluminum housing can be spray painted to match your wall and window frame color. Please note that the 4" setting meets upper story building code (and ADA) maximum opening requirements.

Here are pictures of motorized awning windows kindly provided by one of our customers, showing some details of his installation:

motorized awning window opener installation detail pictures

Here's another example of these actuators used to replace worn out Velux® skylight motors:

Velux® skylight motor replacement

Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Windows

window openers for horizontal and vertical slider windows This type of electric window opener will open and close horizontal and single hung (or double hung) vertical sliders.

You can also use these units to activate sliding counter-top sliding glass partitions, cupboard doors, or anything else.

These are custom made for you at our manufacturing facility, with a stroke length up to 30 inches (800 mm).

To determine the actual physical length of the housing, add 9 inches (230 mm) to the stroke length. For example, a 24 inch stroke would require a housing that is 24 + 9 = 33 inches long (~840 mm). If you are opening windows, they can be made ADA compliant at 4 inches (~100 mm).

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A Full complement of Control Systems

These actuators can be controlled with a simple switch, or with the same remote controls that operate our motorized blind and shade systems.

Our RollerTrol™ remote control system for window openers, shades and other products has also been "Future Proofed". If you later decide to expand your system with a home automation system, you can still use of your existing hand held remotes, preserving your investment.

For those of you that already have a Z-Wave system, you may prefer our Z-Wave group controller. This is a good way to interact with voice control systems, such as Alexa.

With our interfacing products, you can use our window openers with most home automation hubs, such as a Raspberry Pi ® with Home assistant, Wink®, SmartThings®, Vera®, Homeseer®, Staples Connect®, Fibaro®, Wemo®, etc.

What our customers are saying:

♦ "Thank you for an impeccable service! Wish everyone would work like you!" - JC, Miami, Florida, USA

♦ "Thank you Adrian. Your customer support is outstanding!" - TW, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

♦ "Great product, exceptionally quick delivery" - PV, New South Wales, Australia

♦ "I have the [window] opener installed, works great!!" - DB, Roe, Arkansas, USA

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How It Works

The linear chain actuator pushes straight out from the fixed housing which lines up unobtrusively with your window frame, fastened in place with mounting screws. The installation is quite easy: attach the end of the chain actuator to the window with two screws, mount the actuator housing on the sill (or however you are using it) connect the wires and you're done. If you are using the remote control system, you will need to assign the 12v radio controller to the remote.

You can use it to control movement of anything you want, including skylights, greenhouse vents, windows, etc. The rigid chain drive has an adjustable maximum stroke, with stops at 4 inch (100mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), and 12" (300mm). The opening/closing force is approximately 20 lbs, ~12 kg. The maximum current consumption is ~2.0 A @ 12v DC.

motorized window openerIt can be adapted to work with most types of windows: single hung, double hung, hinged casement, hopper, clerestory, etc. The embedded electronics provide motor overload prevention and travel limit stops.

You can buy these remote control window openers in our online store.

Please keep in mind you can also use them with the BroadLink® enabled home automation system, which further extends control to your phone or tablet (Android or IOS).

Care should be exercised when these units are installed where adults, children or pets could get fingers caught. Serious injury could result.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced window opener motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!