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We have many very satisfied customers that have purchased our best value motor kits. We manufacture our standard awning window motor kits and many others. We also manufacture custom units with different opening distances. Contact us to find out about our best aftermarket power window kits.

Andrew, I received my order. Thank you for all your patience and assistance. I tested the [remote control window/skylight openers] first and it's perfect. I should have them installed this week, unless fires push us out again. The products are a great value. After weeks of delay, [the company] responded with their own openers at $690 each before controllers etc. Clearly your company offers extremely good value. Thanks and be well, Steve
SB, Sonoma, California, USA
Absolutely a wonderful product. We have struggled to find parts for old Pella, Velux or Anderson Sky lights. Your skylight opener was perfect. Very easy to install and was even small enough to allow the old cover to be put back on so the original screen could be reinstalled. A great solution that I will use again
ES, Peace, Rhode Island, USA
Hello Adrian, just a note to Thank You for expediting the instructions for the skylight and projection screen setups….and also for your efforts to make these motor systems available. Really outstanding work and really great products….Thanks! I’ve just completed the installation of the three skylight motors (replacing 3 manually operated Truth actuators) and everything works beautifully. The motors and control electronics are well-built and easily configured and your documentation was very nicely done.
LC, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
I helped my son install your blinds motors a few years ago. I was very impressed. I saved quite a bit by purchasing your skylight motors and controls for use with three Velux manual venting skylights. Including the interface to our Insteon home automation, the net saving for three 21x26 skylights should be about well over $1000.00.
CG, Palo Alto, California, USA
Adrian: I thought you might appreciate a note on how well your motors integrate when changing a new (2013 model) Velux skylight from manual venting to electric. Four screws removed and the Velux manual chain drive is out. Four screws in and your motor is mounted. Then, the plastic housing from Velux (previously removed to access the Velux chain mechanism) can be trimmed about one inch in the middle (to extend the length of the slot where Velux has their chain rise up) and the plastic housing fits nicely over your motor. That, combined with the screen, gives a pretty good closing for bugs. A little more creative work is needed between the Velux screen and the housing, but it fits well.
CG, Palo Alto, California, USA
Thank you Andy. I received and installed it [Roman shade motor], works great. Here is the project video if any of your customers would be interested:
YC, Dallas, Texas, USA
I’ve been enjoying my Rollertrol equipped blinds in our house now for nearly 4 years and am still a huge fan! They work as well as the first day and the ones I have equipped with solar charger have !never! needed any extra charge! Yay Aussie sun...
TS, Lower King, WA, Australia
The custom shades worked beautifully today, Andrew. Closed at the right time, were open again by the time we got back in the evening after the "bright" of the day. Thank you!
AB, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Hi Andy, paid for the invoice. Your customer support is fantastic, thank you!
KK, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi. In late 2019 I installed 12 roller shades using your motors and controllers. They look good, work very well and I did it myself for under $2,000 for the whole project. The local shade store wanted $10,000. Thanks for helping me save $8,000!!
DA, Issaquah, Washington, USA
Hi Andy, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and RollerTrol!
JW, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi Andy, Thank you for all your patience! And a great system, not to mention customer service. I look forward to the next time. Thanks.
ML, Westerlo, New York, USA
Hi Andy, I just want to let you know that your window openers are installed. They work perfectly even though these old windows are super-heavy. I appreciated your patient explanations! They are all-but-invisible, which is just what we wanted. Thanks!
RC, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Andy, Rollertrol window opener was installed yesterday. Happiness was coming home from volunteering yesterday, stiff & aching from pinched nerve in back, and NOT having to fight a balky window crank to open clerestory window.
JL, Reno, Nevada, USA
Andy, thank you so much for your excellent service. I was told that your service was good, and now I have experienced it myself I whole-heartedly agree.
GB, Whitecairns, Aberdeen, Scotland
Thanks Andy. I actually have several of your motors that have been working in a similar configuration to open cupola windows in an existing house and they have been going strong for three years now. I found your products to be a very good quality and that's why I am ordering them again.
PA, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Several mo later, all is well! We really like our openers. No probs. All is great now - window openers all working. Exceptional service and like the product, thank you!
GS, Champaign, Illinois, USA
I have everything set up on one shade and it works great. Using SmartThings and Amazon Alexa I can ask Alexa to lower the shades. Nice! Thanks for the help.
NA, Hesperia, California, USA
Installed 4 RollerTrols in our demo boat several year ago. All shades still working perfectly. This boat is a 38 ft sport fisher with 1100 hp. In the Pacific Ocean this boats goes through some very tough seas. Great product.
MW, Leesburg, Virginia, USA
I’ve been enjoying my Rollertrol equipped blinds in our house now for nearly 4 years and am still a huge fan! They work as well as the first day and the ones I have equipped with solar charger have !never! needed any extra charge! Yay Aussie sun...
TS, Lower King, WA, Australia
Andy, this has been an exceptional customer experience thus far! Thanks so much for your assistance with this.
BF, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
I fully agree with all above, plus Adrian was so tactful in helping when I did the most incredibly boneheaded things.
LC, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Just a quick note to let you know I"ve been using the Broadlink product with my shades and TV/DVR for about 6 months. It works beautifully with my OpenHab server or just about any home automation product. Definitely a good addition to your product line.
FC, Pflugerville, Texas, USA
I have an ongoing remodel project that includes motorized patio shades mounted in a concealed pocket and to be remote controlled. My first contact with RollerTrol was a reply from Adrian. My project could not have gone more smoothly with the careful and thoughtful guidance from him. RollerTrol should pat themselves on the back in their perfect selection of a person to fill the job of Customer Service. Lest I not slight RollerTrol, their shipment was timely, they kept me posted on the progress of the order and the motors Adrian steered me to were perfect for my application. Could not recommend Adrian and RollerTrol more highly.
JH, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
Hi Andy, I just purchased a 16 lb. lift unit with a RF Wall mount remote and a hub. All up around $400. WORKS GREAT! Needed a little modification to the adaptors to fit my tubes then, bingo.....operational. Since it worked so well, I will do a total of six outdoor roll up shades with these kits and the cost will be 1/10 of what the local awning company quoted with only a day or two to install. RollerTrol Fan!
PB, Diamond Springs, California, USA
We installed our first motor last night and absolutely love it, so I had to order another for the other window in the bedroom. Putting it all together was super easy thanks to your web site's detailed instructions. Now we have the beautiful motorized blackout blinds we always wanted for a fraction of the cost. I'll definitely be ordering more of these!
SB, Sonoma, California, USA
Adrian, you run a super stand-up business and your customer service, quite frankly, kicks ass over anything I've experienced. Please treat your staff/family to a customer appreciation pizza!
SC, Vacaville, California, USA guys are the best.!!!! I cant believe how quickly you responded, its a real pleasure doing business with a company like yours.
JM, Miami, Florida, USA
Adrian, you have the best customer service of anyone I deal with! Thanks for the help, it's all up and running!
JJ, Skagway, Alaska, USA
Adrian, everything is working fine. Got the blind up over the weekend. The motor is in and connected to both the wall switch and the z-wave. We got the blind from your custom shade division and it fit perfectly. The automation is great and easily ready now to have some automated times for open and close. Just working great with adding the control to the screen on my iphone right now or using the wall switch. Thanks again and happy to send any pics, if you like. Greg
GM, Aurora, Colorado, USA
Thank you again! Your responsiveness is beyond what I have ever experienced. I am wondering if you folks ever sleep.
DC, Peoria, Arizona, USA
Hi Adrian! Just want to thank you for superb service. I got the motors in just four days from that you sent them. I have yesterday mounted them in my old IKEA roller blinds and connected them to my Vera Edge thru a double relay switch. It now works as I wanted it to. 🙂 I am thinking of buying some more roller blinds to my TV room too now 🙂
HA, Stockholm, Sweden
Hi Adrian, its been nearly half a year since I have installed RollerTrol all over the house and I have to say: Awesome, it just works really well and even the skeptic wife who did not like to take away the chains at first is now ecstatic! Especially in the babies room where we put them up and down 3 times a day it has become an absolute time saver and a great feature (saves climbing over a pile of toys to get to the window and so on...) That is also the only room where we had to recharge once since installation, but as I said, 3x/day usage! Now we are renovating a corner in the house and I would like to order some more!
TS, Lower King, Australia
drian, at this time I would like to thank you for you help and support in the matter of my RollerTrol motor. I now have it running as it should. Now it is just a matter of installing it back into the motor home which I came out of. Again Thank you so much for all the help you have been in this matter.. PS: I will be one of your biggest supporters Telling all about you and your service and product
DA, Olympia, Washington, USA
WOW! Adrian! Thanks for the quick response. Your company is awesome! I will pass this info to my electrician and if he is uncertain about anything, I will have him email his questions. I will read the articles and again thanks for being so incredibly helpful.
AW, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Thank you Adrian. What a pleasure doing business with companies and people like you! Happy New Year to you and your family.
JW, Stuart, Florida, USA
Best customer service ever!!! Thank you!
TT, Greenwood, Indiana, USA
I found a great source online for motorized blinds,, with super customer service and good advice, at a price I could finally afford after more than 10 years of waiting and searching. And what a difference the blinds make during the bright of the day!
RC, Lago Vista, Texas, USA
Thank you for going the "extra mile". You are truly an example is business done right. Many thanks and blessings for your holiday!
MV, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
Connie and Adrian: As I understand it, the replacement shade is in process. My wife and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to replace the damaged unit. With your commitment to that level of customer service, we’d like to get the process moving on the order for our master bedroom blinds and motors.
TM, Encinitas, California, USA
Adrian, you’re a real Champ. Found the details on the Web and the first one took me ½ hour to do and the second one took 15min, and they work great. I need two more motors and wondered what it would cost to ship these to the UK. We will be there at Xmas.
TH, Auckland, New Zealand
Adrian, thanks again. I am looking forward to installing these. I love the 4 I have now.
PH, King George, Virginia, USA
Thank you Adrian, Connie was a pleasure to work with on this custom shade order.
PM, Park City, Utah, USA
Adrian, I received the order today, thank you. The quality and ease of use is more than I imagined. Keep up the good work.
MB, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Terrific... great service!!!!!
LS, Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA
Many Thanks for your timely attention to this purchase. I've become so used to poor customer support. It's been a pleasure to deal with a company that doesn't meet a standard of service, so much as it sets one.
PV, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thanks Adrian for your fast solution. It could not be better. Thanks again
JM, Miami, Florida, USA
I just like to say a big THANK YOU for the fantastic product that you have shipped to me. I only managed to install it last weekend and it works really well.
HH, Singapore
Connie,received the shades on Monday and installed them that night. Everything worked perfectly and now my wife truly sees my vision. We really enjoy the shades and will be purchasing more as we budget for them. Good product - thanks for the help and support.
JS, McLean, Virginia, USA
Adrian, you guys are the best. The next window after this I am just going to order the whole thing made from you.
PH, King George, Virginia, USA
Thanks Adrian for all your help and support. You have been great and I really appreciate it!
GL, Portland, Oregon, USA
Hey Connie and Adrian, installed my motors, they are fantastic!
GM, Los Angeles, California, USA
Hi Adrian, installed the 1 1/2 inch motors today in both shades. Very easy to do. Works very nicely. Nothing special required other than a new tube. Everything else fit perfectly.
MH, Lancaster, California, USA
Hi Adrian, thank you very much for your help. Installed it this morning and is working perfect. The instructions were very easy to follow. Soon I will order another motor.
MM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Adrian, your customer service is outstanding! Thank you!
TW, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
I finally got around to having my brother help me put the blinds up. They are terrific. I will be ordering more of them in the next few months, thanks again.
LD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Adrian, just a note to tell you I received the motor Thursday and had it installed [in my motorhome] with little modification Friday. It works like a champ. Very surprised that local R/V dealers don’t know about your product but am fortunate that I found you on the internet.
LM, Venice, Florida, USA
Thanks Adrian! I appreciate your help. Most people wouldn't be putting in the time you are so it is appreciated!
JK, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thank you so much, Adrian. You are very nice to accommodate and help us by sending a new remote and your detailed explanation. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken to meet our needs and we especially love your response time! Not many business people operate as honorably as you.
DD, Rockledge, Florida, USA
Thanks Adrian. I previously purchased (from you) 3 different sized motors for different windows on my houseboat to test and they work extremely well. This order will complete the project. When done, I will send you pics. Great product. Easy to install and configure.
SC, Vacaville, California, USA
Thanks Adrian. I previously purchased (from you) 3 different sized motors for different windows on my houseboat to test and they work extremely well. This order will complete the project. When done, I will send you pics. Great product. Easy to install and configure.
SC, Vacaville, California, USA
Hi Adrian, you are the most efficient business that we deal with.
DC, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
Fast shipping, Great product! A+
Jack, eBay User
Thanks for the fast shipping!!! A+++++
atweety, eBay User
Very fast shipment. Great quality and feel. Thank you.
toze, eBay User
Thank you for your attention and GREAT service
AB, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Hi Adrian, I have just finished getting my projection screen to work with the motor you sent to me. I ended up making two fancy adapters that connected to the motor and matched them to the 2.100" i/d profile of the tube. Also, the motor easily powers the 105" screen on the 2.25" tube. Thanks to you and rollertrol for all the help I received; awesome support, and I will do business again. Thanks again, Iain.
IH, Brechin, Ontario, Canada
Everything arrived as expected. Install went great. Everything is working good.
SD, Morinville, Alberta, Canada
Great as soon as I get the windows in I will send you an email to confirm before I purchase. Your feedback and prompt response is what has sold me on these. I will talk up your company.
AU, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Thank you very much Adrian. I will in the future be purchasing additional blinds for my other windows if all goes well with these. As far as for your customer service provided to me up to this point, it has been EXCELLENT. I am impressed on how I get email responses from you at all times of the day and even on weekends. I just hope the product can match the service, but I'm sure it will. [they did]
JA, Canoga Park, California, USA
Adrian, everything is installed and working great! Thanks for the follow-up!
BL, Austin, Texas, USA
What can I say but… WOW… Adrian: customer service like from another planet! Thank you!
ED, Massachusetts, USA
We recently completed a remodel of our living room, and we used Rollertrol motors in a pretty fun way that I thought you might appreciate. After about two years of trying to figure out how I was going to make it all work, I came across your product online, and was amazed how well it worked for our application. The simplicity of the design, and the functionality made your motor the perfect way to accomplish what I had in mind. I particularly appreciate the ease of setting the limits. Even the speed at which the motor operates is perfection!
G & C HP, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Thank you for information and tracking number. It was a pleasure to deal with you and RollerTrol.
DE, Moscow, Russian Federation
What can I say but… WOW… Adrian: customer service like from another planet! Thank you!
ED, Massachusetts, USA
Adrian, I got my RollerTrol and installed it. It's working great!!! Thanks for such an awesome product!
JS, Depoe Bay, Oregon, USA
Great! Thanks! These things work wonderfully. So smooth and quiet!
DH, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
Hi Adrian, I saw on customer comments that you have a reputation of being very good at getting back to people, and now I see that is true!
PK, Golden, Colorado, USA
Hi Adrian, just wanted to let you know that we have all the motors installed since November and they have been working very well. Thank you so much for your help and patience.
GH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi Adrian, just to advise I got my custom shades successfully installed and they look and work great. We got them up no problems – they fit the windows perfectly and the motors and remotes were simple to set up – worked exactly as your instructions said they would. I would like to thank you for your fantastic support – without you pro-actively following up on this I doubt I would have had them in time. As it is, we were all installed Saturday 11th - in time for my renter arriving tomorrow. Thank you and best regards
PS, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Hi Adrian, the first 2 are up and working. The motors went into the tubes without any adjustment required. Vera integration is also done. Awesome stuff!
EW, Singapore
Hi, the motor works excellent. My window shade looks great. Thanks.
G, Coamo, Puerto Rico, USA
Hello Adrian, I wanted to thank you for a quality product and expedited shipping. I was able to install and setup within minutes. The hardest part was running wires behind the walls. Best of all, I was able to save $1200 by doing this myself. Thanks again and I will be sure to recommend your product to others.
JF, Carlsbad, California, USA
Hi Adrian, do you ever sleep? Does not matter early morning or late at night, you're always answering my emails. Not used to that. You are above the norm. Thank you.
DW, Morristown, Tennessee, USA
Thank you so much for your help, I have been researching how to fix or replace my RV shade and was directed to your company from many web sites. I am happy to know I can get help if needed, from your company.
SW, West Covina, California, USA
Hi Adrian, your quick response is much appreciated. The Vera plugin also works great. I’ve place my order.
WL, Palo Alto, California, USA
It is a real pleasure working with you. [As the owner], that explains all of the long hours. I wish you great success. You have a fantastic product. I will pass the word down in this area.
SH, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
I appreciate your business and won't hesitate to recommend you in the future! It's cheaper than the local options, more flexible as a solution, and customer service is better. Thanks 🙂
MG, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Your customer service is outstanding. Thank you so much for your help.
VV, New York City, New York, USA
I received the motors, were installed and everything worked perfect.
JD, Panama City, Panama
Adrian, Thank you again! Great success! The perfect solution. see Wedding Grand Entrance video
DB, Los Angeles, California, USA
I must say i'm really happy to do business with you, very professional and good service.
DM, Kvernhusheia, Norway
Thanks again for the great service, Adrian!
GP, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Adrian, thank you both for your timely response and the thoroughness of it. I don’t see this type of customer service very often. I will order today.
SH, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
First, I have to say what an excellent system the blind is. I took the blind from a manual blind and am now using it on the motorized blind. It took little effort or time. Its fast and quiet. Excellent job RollerTrol.
SH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for your help and communications throughout. I have five installed and they are working great.
GR, Clermont, Florida, USA
Thanks, Adrian. I really appreciate all the tutorials you set up - they helped me a ton getting everything set up today ... everything is working beautifully.
JW, Los Angeles, California, USA
Just thought i would send a quick message to let you know the motors have arrived safe and sound. I have already installed one as I couldn't contain my excitement. It works flawlessly, so smooth and quiet.
SA, Franklin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Adrian, the motors work perfectly! We are ready to fulfill the rest of the order
GR, Clermont, Florida, USA
Thank you so much for your quick response! These are awesome. They are working great! Two done, 7 more to go!!!!!!!!! When I am done with these, I will order 5 more to finish the whole downstairs 🙂
BD, Gilbert, Arizona, USA
great. And thank you! The customer service is A+
DS, Cathedral City, California, USA
Hi Adrian, thanks for the help. I got the limits set and all is working fine. I will keep your company in mind for any shade problems I have in the future. Your follow up was awesome, thanks again.
PS, Lake Lure, North Carolina, USA
Quick note to say "Mission accomplished". A neat product and all installed and working ok.
PG, Shepley, UK
Just wanted to let you know the motors worked perfectly for my project! Thanks and it was great doing business with you!
JJ, Skagway, Alaska, USA
Fast and as promised. A++++++++
DB, Houston, Texas, USA
This seller feedback is 100% for good reason. Highly recommend!
RT, New York City, New York, USA
Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. Installed well and works well. And your customer service was great. Thank you.
RH, Chicago, Illinois, USA
I have to tell you I have thoughoughly enjoyed dealing with Rollertrol and I am telling everyone about you.
JL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thank you Adrian. Your customer support is outstanding!
TW, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Hello Adrian, thanks very much. It's been a pleasure dealing with and I mean that sincerely. I think your Web is brilliant, it's been very informative for me. I knew nothing about tubular motors and now I feel I'm an expert!! - thanks to your clear installation instructions.
TE, Bellurgan, Jenkinstown, Co. Louth, Dundalk, Ireland
I bought four 74" blackout shades from Home Depot. They were Bali cut to length shades which they trim for you. One end is easily pried off. The end with the spring motor succumbed to being placed in a vice, and a fair bit of wiggling. The cardboard tube is 1" in diameter. However, the wall thickness is 1/4" making it necessary to ream out the wall to 3/4". I did this with a long 3/4" bit that is used for drilling the holes in joists for electrical wire installations and retrofits. I put the bit into the same vice and reamed out the cardboard tube by rotating the tube and shade while pushing it into the drill bit. A little bit of work, but not too hard to do. I have not tried putting the drill bit into a drill yet - but I suspect that will be a lot easier. I just know that the manual method will work. So the next thing is to insert the motors when they arrive, put up the brackets and shades, and wire the whole thing up. The cost for the 4 shades was $211.48 plus tax. And my order with your company was $359.00 for 4 non-radio motors, a 5 amp power supply and your least expensive RF controller. Total: $570.48. charges $2039.00 plus tax for the same result.
RC, Ph.D., Consumer Usage Laboratories, Annapolis, Maryland, USA
I was able to successfully adapt your motor to my [RV] shade, and it works great!
AH, San Jose, California, USA
They are working great. If you ever need a reference for your product- send them my way. Building our own shades saved us 1/2 the costs and they look great and were easy to install. Thanks for your stellar service.
AL, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
Hi Adrian, I just wanted to let you know that I love the window blind motors. 'Simply Genius'.
KW, Qualicum Bay, BC, Canada
Wow! Thanks so much for making it easy for me. I really appreciate it!
MK, Ronkonkoma, New York, USA
Fantastic Support!, Best Seller I have Ever worked with!
TR, Atkinson, New Hampshire, USA
Extremely satisfied truly went above and beyond I would give 6 stars if I could
ML, Richmond, BC, Canada
Great product awesome price and fast shipping A+++++
BS, Groton, Massachusetts, USA
Doing the blind myself with your motor ... cost me $240.00 ... I saved $600
DH, Alberta, Canada
They're great. I'm really pleased with them. Thanks so much for all your help. I didn't imagine they'd be so easy to install, and so neat. I'll be in touch next week to get the other set of blinds sorted.
KD, New South Wales, Australia
Thanks so much for sharing all this information. I will be sure to post a testimonial once I finish my project. It is very refreshing to have such a positive customer experience even before a purchase was made.
KP, California, USA
I ordered a total of 4 motors from you in the last year, and let me tell you I love them, they work great.
DK, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Hi Adrian, I'm simply amazed by your excellent service standards and amount of care that you provide. I can assure you that I'll be recommending your company to every single friend of mine. Thank you again!
MF, Delta, BC, Canada
Hi Adrian, thanks for everything, excellent product and customer service. Keep up the good work!
LT, Villa Rica, Georgia, USA
fantastic Support!, Best Seller I have Ever worked with!
TR, Atkinson, New Hampshire, USA
I appreciated your prompt and comprehensive service so much last time we communicated that I didn't think about going anywhere else.
AV, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I would like to first of all thank you for the prompt and excellent service you've provided. Once again, thank you so much for your help in answering my previous queries and ensuring that the components arrive in Singapore safely.
DL, Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Engineering, Singapore
Appreciate your constant response and for sending out the item so promptly. Will definitely order from you once we have tested out the item. Looking forward to making more orders.
ZT, Singapore
Thank You for the help u have rendered so far. You have given such great services, I want to help you get more customers because you have been so kind in replying my many questions.
SL, Chung Cheng High School, Singapore
All as described. A wealth of information on Internet See: RollerTrol. Thank You
AJ, Keswick, Ontario, Canada
Quick response, fast shipping. Recommended
VR, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
I want to take this opportunity to say thanks again, your level of service was truly remarkable, if I ever have the need I will 100% be using your product in the future.
ML, Richmond, BC, Canada
Thank you for an impeccable service! Wish everyone would work like you!
JC, Florida, USA
Great seller, fast communication and shipping, highly recommend, thank you
RS, Quebec, Canada
I just finished installing your controlled Roller shade. It's awesome !! I'd like to buy 4 more ...
AP, Quebec, Canada
Great product, exceptionally quick delivery
PV, New South Wales, Australia
Works Great, thanks for the support!
BM, Alberta, Canada
Good transaction quick shipping
GL, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have installed my 5 motorized roller shades - They're Awesome !
AP, Quebec, Canada
AP, Quebec, Canada
Very prompt and efficient service.
VE, Ontario, Canada
Great product, exceptionally quick delivery.
TM, Pennsylvania, USA
Hi Adrian, happy to report that the system works like a charm. Had all 4 blinds retrofitted with new tubes (1-1/4" EMT conduit) and had it all installed last night. Programming was a breeze. Your guides were great!.
GO, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Good item, fast shipping, I'll buy again.+++AAA.
MK, British Columbia, Canada
Excellent product, excellent ebayer.
JM, Arkansas, USA
I have never seen anyone respond to a client as quickly as what you do. Phenomenal job.
BD, Ontario, Canada
Overall, I'm very satisfied with the ease of installation and the product. The motor is sufficiently quiet and operates very precisely to get the the predetermined opened and closed positions.
- SB, Quebec, Canada
Another positive ebay experience! Excellent service.
JA, Tasmania, Australia
Hi Adrian, it 's been great doing business with you. I apreciate your prompt service and responses.
VS, New South Wales, Australia
Awesome product btw, worked smoothly and easy to program, really happy with them.
NZ, Victoria, Australia
I finally got around to installing my blind motors.... they are simply awesome!
WO, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for your efforts on the previous order. The Church is making good use of the first order of Motors and we are now ready to install the other side.
NV, Los Angeles, USA
Thanks for the excellent follow up customer service.
SP, Aukland, New Zealand
Just thought I would send you a quick note to say we received the blind motor and it works like a charm.
GR, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
I've used Rollertrol for about 7 months. These have been solid. I've got about ten windows on them. They go up and down a few times a day without issues ... overall, a great DIY solution
Hi Adrian, I have received it yesterday, and it is working fine. I have adjusted it into the casing of a hanging 72 inches wide projector screen, and it does the job perfectly.
AP, Quebec, Canada
I am really impressed with the quality of everything from the hardware to the motor. In a very short time I had my bamboo shades motorized. It raised the group of three without any problem.
BW, Virginia, USA
Hi Adrian, thanks for the shipment update. I also want to thank you for the exceptional customer service you have provided.
SS, Colorado, USA
As Described, perfect!!!.
JK, Ohio, USA
I am soo impressed how you stand by your products and service. You have been great to deal with.
SS, Colorado, USA
Hello Adrian, I have installed your motor and it works great!
MV, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Adrian, thanks for sending me the motor earlier this month. It is a slick unit.
NH, Santa Cruz, California, USA
I've got my system installed now and we're very pleased with the results. Thanks for your assistance and prompt service.
PN, New South Wales, Australia
I've got my system installed now and we're very pleased with the results. Thanks for your assistance and prompt service.
PN, New South Wales, Australia
Thanks for the very effective service. I got the motor and I gave it a spin and its working great.
GB, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Fast shipping, good deal, good product, thank you.
MC, Ste-Brigitte-des-Saults, Quebec, Canada
Optimal communication, I really liked, I'd advise everybody.
WCA, Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil
As Described, perfect!!!
JK, Kirtland, Ohio, USA
Fast and efficient
AP, St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada
Good transaction. Great communication.
KB, Carthage, Illinois, USA
Excellent product, ship fast!!! Thanks.
MA, Maranhao, Brazil
Great product awesome price and fast shipping A+++++
MK, Ronkonkoma, New York, USA
good product !!!!
JF, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, USA
Love the product. Built a bottom up one as proof of concept, now ordering 15 more.
EE, Neenah, Wisconsin, USA
I am writing to tell you that I love the shades and motors..
AM, Akron, Colorado, USA
aAA+ seller. exactly as stated
RS, Oxnard, California, USA
fast shipper, wow price, packed well A+++++
RM, New Hyde Park, New York, USA
excellent service. Thank you!
RS, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Hi Adrian, just letting you know the shipment arrived yesterday - pretty fast! I've automated one of our existing Luxaflex blinds with the roller motor which was surprisingly easy to fit and program, and we're very happy with how it works.
DG, Otaki, New Zealand
The 4 motors and controllers I recently purchased from you are Awesome!
JS, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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